width= Dominic Bradley MLA has been selected by an SDLP party convention in Armagh to contest the Newry and Armagh constituency in the next Westminster election.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Bradley said: "It is with great pride and indeed with great humility that I offer myself as SDLP candidate for Newry and Armagh in the forthcoming Westminster Elections, not least because I follow in the long and great healthcare administration programs tradition of service given to this constituency by one of the great Irish politicians of the 20th century, Seamus Mallon.

"Seamus has towered over the political scene here in the North and in Ireland as a whole for the past thirty years, as the Deputy Leader of our Party, as senator in bulk candles Seanad Éireann, as an Assembly Member and Member of Parliament for this constituency, as one of the principle architects of the Good Friday Agreement, and as Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.

"I am sure that he finds it a touch ironic that those on both extremes who were so vehemently opposed frozen movie to the Sunningdale Agreement now find themselves challenged by the Good Friday Agreement and its requirements for partnership and power-sharing. And as they inch their way towards the much vaunted deal it remains to be seen whether or not they will live up to the challenge to share power equitably, to leave all semblance of violence juegos behind once and for all, and to work to create a society here in which there is equality and respect for all, regardless of their religion, politics, creed or colour.

"The next few days will tell whether the parties and the two Governments remain faithful to the principles of the Agreement. If they do not, then any deal arrived at will be happy wheels demo built on shaky foundations and will not last. The SDLP will continue to lead as we have done over the last thirty years to ensure that all our people enjoy what they richly deserve - the full benefits of the Good Friday Agreement."

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